Reiki Services

Reiki Distance Healing (1 session) – $75 USD
For people or household pets.
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Reiki Distance Healing (3 sessions) – $225 USD
Reiki for three consecutive days for people or household pets.
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  • Healing for general mind, body & spirit, the 7 major chakras and corresponding minor chakras, as well as the seven layers of the aura;
  • Etheric cord removal (disconnecting you from unhealthy relationships)
  • Soul fragment healing, if necessary. (Not soul retrieval)
  • Messages from angels, spirit guides, and loved ones.

Reiki + Soul Retrieval – $95 USD
Soul retrieval is a shamanic practice that heals soul fragments from past and/or current life due to physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual abuse and integrates fragments into present life.

This is an hour-long session done at a distance. Messages from Spirit will be shared to help you continue healing, which can take up to 90 days depending on traumatic experience. Contact me for consultation.

Reiki is a complementary and alternative medicine practice and is NOT intended to replace traditional Western medical or mental health treatments.

Please seek the help of a licensed therapist if you may be suffering from depression or a mental disorder.