Reiki Services



Reiki Energy Healing (60 minutes) – $90 USD
Reiki session will relax you as it clears and balances your chakras and auras. Session integrates sound healing. It may include etheric cord removal and soul healing. Location TBD

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Reiki Energy Healing – $50 USD
Receive reiki energy healing for your 7 major chakras and the corresponding auras, plus messages from your spirit guides.

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Reiki + Angelic Life Coaching – $350 USD
This healing session includes the full body with a primary focus on the sacral chakra and its emotional subtle body. The secondary focus is on the heart and third eye so that the feminine charkras are in alignment with the masculine (root, solar plexus and crown).

Energy healing will remove blockages so that you are in alignment with your soul/inner child, Higher Self, and spirit guides. You will receive the following:

  • Energy attunement from archangels;
  • Reiki distance healing to clear and balance chakras and auras;
  • Life Purpose Reading;
  • Self-care guide specific to the issues that need healing;
  • 1-month of angelic life coaching via Skype/ email.

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Reiki is a complementary and alternative medicine practice and is NOT intended to replace traditional Western medical or mental health treatments.