Intuitive Services

Tarot Reading – $75 USDĀ 
Tarot tells the story of your soul. It also reveals how to take actionable steps about your heart’s desires.

Ask one question about love, career, family, home, or for dream interpretation. Receive messages that provide clarity and an action plan that aligns you with your soul and Higher Self. This is reading is delivered via email or MP3.

Numerology Reading – $75 USD
This is a life purpose reading. Your full name and birth date carry a unique frequency. Learn your soul mission and life purpose, as well as how to work with the vibration of the numbers to align with your soul.

Astrology Reading – $95 USD
We have all 12 signs within us. Our natal chart is a blueprint of our soul; each sign represents an archetype that explains characteristics about how and why we live as we do. This reading uses sidereal astrology; it requires your birth time. This is an email reading.

All readings can be purchased at the SquareUp store.

Gift certificates for friends and family are available through SquareUp store.