Intuitive Services

Tarot Reading – $77 USD
Receive messages from Spirit about one issue weighing on your heart. This is a distance reading. It will be sent to you in pdf format via email.

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Numerology Reading – $77 USD
This is a life purpose reading. Learn about your soul mission, life purpose, strengths, and how to work with the energy of your unique vibration. This is a distance reading sent in pdf format via email.

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Sidereal Astrology Reading – $111 USD
Your natal chart is your soul’s blueprint. You are all 12 signs, not just a sun sign. With sidereal, discover your strengths, challenges, career options, and ways to heal challenges so you achieve goals with less stress. Reading will be sent via email as a pdf report. Your birth time is required for the reading. For US citizens to locate birth certificate.

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