Numerology Forecast for August 2018

August has mercurial energy – magick, miracles, and unexpected occurrences. The universal vibration is a 1, which means new beginnings for people who feel more confident about being leaders. Magickal things happen wherever they direct their attention.

Not all leaders need to take office or be highly public. Leadership can occur in the home, community garden, or with a project. The point is for them to stand tall and allow themselves to be visible, vulnerable, and available. As Diana Ross sings in I’m Coming Out, The time has come for me to break out of the shell. I have to shout that I’m coming out. 

Too many people have been playing small, afraid to leave their comfort zone. The eclipse season earlier this year in January and February rattled and shook us to our cores. The eclipse season that we are currently in is completing the cycle. Fighting the flow of what our souls want for us causes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance.

Leaders may experience fear, but they look at it as a teachable moment for themselves and others. They have creative ways of working through challenges, turning darkness into light.

One the flip side, some people will use mercurial energy to sully life by controlling others and manipulating situations. Karma is receiving based on what you give. When a seed is planted in clean fertile soil it will take root, bud, blossom then bare fruit. Often times the fruit will drop, compost, and the seeds will regenerate another plant. Low vibrational people regenerate suffering. It only ends when they become aware of their actions and care enough to change.

Work with the 1 energy by doing the following:

  • Be aware of thoughts and emotions when alone, with others, and when doing tasks;
  • Remember that we are all energy; thoughts and emotions can be sensed by others. Our energy is like karma — it bears fruit. Choose to spend time with those who are supportive of you and your endeavors. This raises your vibration, as well as theirs. New ideas come up and opportunities will occur;
  • Visualize, say, or think about your heart’s desires as you really want it. Practice seeing/ saying/thinking the steps towards the goal, if you are a ‘big picture’ person;
  • Repeat twice a day: once after waking and the second before going to bed;
  • TRUST that you will receive;
  • Be aware that your life may change dramatically because of what you desire. This is the Universe clearing away what you do not need in order to succeed.

This can be applied for any month, but August is ripe with possibilities. The energy is there if you are open to working with it.

Being a leader is also about taking risks, being aware of people’s strengths and challenges, meeting people where they are, and having multiple ways of inspiring change. Step into your power and create new beginnings.

Reconnect With Source

Dear children of earth,

It brings me joy to connect with you all today. The full moon brought lots of joy into the land for all to bask in. Glory to you all.

There is strife amongst you as well. People are dying internally, spiritually, because they are disconnected from Source, from their own Divinity. Go deep, go inward, and listen to the ever-loving inner voice that guides you gently towards things and people who nourish all that is within you now. Go forth and be well with new groups of people, new ideas, and new opportunities abound.

Abundance is your birthright always, as it always has been. Fear and suffering are notions of forgotten Divinity. You suffer because you have forgotten that you were born to be love, loving, and lovable. Rich in all ways.

Work with healers who can help you work with the shadows that lurk in your mind, dreams and actions. The shadows need to be acknowledged and integrated, loved…released. Be free. Be love. Be with Source.

I bid you peace.

Ascended Master Quan Yin

Numerology Forecast for July 2018

This year has been stressful for a lot of people because of the changing political, social, and geographical climate. Balance has been the underlying theme for the entire year, and it will continue until the end of December 2018. In June, the Universe asked us to reflect on our source of personal power. July is the reset button so that we are living fully aligned in that power.

July 2018 has a universal vibration of a 9. The collective will sense a symbolic death within themselves and with relationships. The Universe is doing a grand correction with our lives.

The full moon on June 27th brings healing and redemptive energy concerning our life purpose, asking us to deepen our relationship with the soul and not waver. Think of this time as a cleanse. The body and mind benefits from detoxing from refined sugar and flour, caffeine, and grease. The taste buds and behavior change and you feel great. This is how the energy can shape your life, if you allow it.

All of July is a rebirth in preparation for new beginnings. Decisions will accelerate soul growth, but it must be understood that being patient is key. You cannot rush your own process or anyone else in your life. The partial new moon solar eclipse in sidereal Gemini on July 12th (11:10PM EST) will shift us to reflect on how we communicate our emotions. The full moon lunar eclipse in sidereal Capricorn (3:37PM EST) will illuminate the collective about where in your life is necessary to slow down and take methodical steps.

Humanitarian efforts are the focus for July as well. The Universe is asking us to step up and connect to causes close to our hearts. We may be feeling this now. Everything is connected. You do not need to figure out how this all works. The more you detox your life the clearer everything will be.

Summer Solstice Energy Forecast

The summer solstice is bringing in large amounts of energy connected to all the chakras. Creative self-expression is vital at this time. Create from within from an emotional and intellectual perspective. The Universe is asking us to allow our hearts and minds act as one. Unity.

The moon is in sidereal Virgo; the sun in sidereal Gemini. Both signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of physical and intellectual communication. The universal vibration is a 2, which means receptivity. This vibration is represented by Goddess Sarasvati, who rules knowledge, music, art, and wisdom.

Internally, you may feel your Higher Self guiding you to master something that you are passionate about in order to share it with others. Become an expert in what you love. Be open to receiving messages from within and through synchronicities.

When it comes to sharing your feelings, it can be as simple as a conversation with a stranger. The information is meant to be passed along to create a lineage of knowledge. On the bigger scale, publishing your feelings in blogs and books, singing on the street corner, or hanging a photograph in your local café may be what you are called to do. Be open to the guidance.

Even if you do not consider yourself creative, there is a creative outlet for what you are feeling. Spend some time in solitude and ask for guidance.

Body movement is equally as important because you communicate through body language. Walking, yoga, dance and body work (massage, reflexology, etc.) will move stagnant energy around and out of your organs and limbs. Touch will be important. Reach out and hug someone, shake hands, give a pat on the back. This is creating community through physical emotions.

The summer, as a whole, is about creativity. Between now and mid September the Universe will introduce people, ideas and opportunities into the path that you feel the most passionate about. The Universe will support you completely.


Be One With All That Is

This juncture in life, in all beingness, has given us pause. As you know, the Great Mother Earth is changing, shifting into a new being. She is expanding through the opening of herself by way of earthquakes. She is shaking loose the old ways of living, shifting or around to loosen up the stagnation of her body and the lives of the people. Their lives were comfortable, yet also inside a box that needed the walls to come down.

The earth’s moving is a call to be more in the body, to get moving. Never be still.

The waters shifting is a call to emote more and be one with intuition. Your inner guidance, your Higher Self. To go with the ebb and flow of nature. Pay attention to the trees, bees, and waterways.

Much has to be done. There is a lot of energy coming your way. Ground into Mother Earth. Eat grounding foods — root vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds. Be one with your intuition through drinking more water, meditation, and connecting to the elements that bring you joy. Experiment with earth, air, fire, and water. Be one with all. Be one with your heart. Be one with the Universe. Be one.

Great Brotherhood of Light

Weekly Energy Forecast, June 6 – 12, 2018

The week of June 6 – 12 involves a lot of change, as this is the transformational phase of the current lunar cycle. The energy will feel intuitive in the beginning and move slowly into fiery then grounded before the new moon on June 13th.

Saturday, June 9 will involve energy shifts dealing with the third eye, so your vision (physical eyes) may change. Your dreams may seem more vivid, luminous even.

Tuesday, June 12 is a powerful day where the Universe will ask you to reflect and consider your values about your life, community and service to others. The impulse may lead you to communicate what you believe to usher in social change.

The moon is a marvelous gauge to follow in terms of your emotional response to the world. Stop and breathe when you are reading the news, listening to a friend or loved one converse, or when you are alone engaged in an activity. Notice how you are feeling, as that is an indication of the vibration of what you are receiving.

Be aware of the moon’s affect on your mood as well. It may feel like a battle, but it isn’t. Being in tuned to the moon stimulates your senses and increases your intuition. Stop and breathe and flow with the energy of least resistance.

There is great change upon us, especially in this year alone. You are here to inspire people, whether they be your family with whom you live or with those in your community. Some of you lightworkers are here to inspire larger groups on a global scale. Let the changes that you are feeling or resisting unfold as they should.

Engaging in meditation, yoga, pranayama, and journaling will help you center and be open to the messages from your Higher Self. The guidance is there to help you heal whatever fear you have and bring you closer to your heart’s desires.

Solitude will benefit you as well this week. Change for this lunar phase will allow you to shed your skin as a snake would, revealing something new and beautiful. Spend more time outdoors so that you are connected to Mother Earth and the flora and fauna neutralize your auric field of all low vibrations.

June 2018 Energy Forecast

June has the universal vibration of 8, which is the number of inner strength, personal power, and abundance. Inner strength will be highlighted the entire month because all of 2018 is calling for the conscious collective to maintain balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The number 8 is related to the solar plexus – courage, determination, and discernment. This represents inner strength. The universal energy that inundated us in May asked us to reflect on our values, reconsider them, and use our refined sense of self to build community. This rebirth is serving as a magnet. The May 29th full moon (10:55AM EST) was healing and redemptive concerning where the Universe wanted us to expand and be more imaginative about our life purpose.

June is the month to stand strong in our convictions and maintain healthy boundaries with food, money, home, friends, and family. Our inner strength will attract a mirror image of what we project. In other words, our commitment to self-care creates a vibration and attracts people and opportunities that match what we put out into the Universe. Healthy lifestyle = more abundance and prosperity.

Balance the fire of June by grounding energy (dancing, going for walks) and doing breath meditation. Try EFT Tapping when feeling anxious about taking leaps of faith.

The number 8 is associated with fire, so June’s energy will be filled with passion, creativity, and action. This will pick up around June 21st, the summer solstice, which is the time of creativity. All the work we put into our life purpose during May and the earlier part of June will provide opportunities to co-create with our new community.

June will feel like a music festival, alive with joy, freedom and high vibrations, provided that we cultivate our inner strength. Our Higher Self will guide us towards ideas, people and opportunities that are for our greatest good.