Our Ancestors’ Blessings

The wheel of the year turns towards the Autumn equinox, or Mabon, September 21 – 23. According to the Gregorian calendar, Autumn starts precisely on Saturday, 22 at 9:54PM EST.

The leaves here in upstate New York started turning from emerald green to different shades of golden yellow, burnt orange and crimson red in July. Temperatures fluctuated between hot and cold as if Mother Earth was weighing her options. She chose to stick with hot mornings and afternoons and cool evenings.

Our ancestors from many lifetimes ago did not use the calendars we hold onto like lifelines. They lived by the lunar calendar, watching it wax and wane, and change positions during the night and the course of the year.

For many of us who live by the lunar calendar recognize the Autumn equinox as the beginning of the year. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and prepare for the upcoming one.

Autumn is the season to plant intentions so they bear fruit in the spring.

The moon will move into sidereal Pisces on September 23rd and stay there until September 26th. The overall energy will inspire us to be more intuitive, receptive, and heart-centered.

Our ancestors are blessing us this Autumn equinox with a bounty related to wherever Pisces is in your natal chart. Virgo is opposite of Pisces, so an ability will develop or something will improve. This is a blessing of abundance and prosperity that’s in alignment with your life purpose.

Connect with your ancestors, from this lifetime and previous lifetimes, through meditation and creative self-expression. You may also receive messages in dreams or through songs.

We have experienced a lot of changes in the last year. Much of it has been preparation for major changes on social, political, and geographical levels. Set an intention for the upcoming year and allow your ancestors to guide you for the Highest good.

So mote it be!


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AstroNumerology Forecast for October 2018

Harmony is the theme for October 2018. Three is the universal numerology vibration, which signifies sensitivity and self-expression, but it is much deeper this month because of the Libra energy, in sidereal astrology, that is evident throughout the month.

Libra, ruled by Venus, is the planet signifying experiences with relationships (self and others), values, reciprocity, and connectedness. Libra, represented by the scales of justice, has the characteristics of balance. Life and relationships are harmonious when there is an equal amount of giving and receiving beyond the material aspects of life.

Numerological Aspects

The vibration of three will ask us to be more sensitive to our own needs as well as other people’s needs. We will need to take care of our own needs first and reflect on whose energy is congruent with what we created for ourselves. We will need to express what we need to feel safe, secure, and connected mentally and emotionally.

Let us not forget the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives. Living with others in platonic and romantic relationships requires mutuality, but if there is suffering with whom we share space then we may need to carve out time and other spaces for solitude. Be sure to match your high vibration – happy, healthy, and peaceful – with those who match or can elevate your perspective.

In short, we need to be aware of recognizing, acknowledging and sharing who we are, what we desire, and how we want to attain it then seek out people and communities that are nurturing and supportive. This creates harmony for mind, body and spirit.

Astrological Aspects

Shedding: October 2 – 7
October begins with September’s lunar cycle coming to a close. We are letting go of what has not been helping us succeed with our life purpose or supporting our general wellbeing. Jupiter releases its post-retrograde shadow on October 6th, so our worldview may have radically changed. This happens just in time for Mercury to find a home in Libra on the same day. Our minds may be busy with sharing our new perspectives and ideas, and we are looking for the people to connect with to help us move forward.

Planting Seeds: October 8 – 15
The new moon will be in Virgo on October 8th, inspiring us to pay more attention to our emotional and mental needs to improve our quality of life. At that same time, Mars’s post-retrograde energy (in Capricorn) releases. Working with the energy, we are more methodical in thought and intention.

Venus moved into Libra on September 2nd, which helped release the stagnant energy that we may have felt for months beforehand. Venus goes into retrograde on October 10th until November 6th (releasing post-retrograde energy on December 17th). This is a time to reflect on relationships with ourselves, friends, family, and business partners. For those of us who are entrepreneurs and business owners, we will need to revisit contracts, business plans, products and services, partners, investors, and how what kind of legacy we want to leave. It is time to work patiently, diligently, and purposefully. Leave no stone unturned.

Taking Root, Budding: October 16 – 23
The sun moves into Libra on October 17th, giving us the time to be more expressive, creative and harmonious in our daily lives. The energy this week will move from grounding then shift into more innovative and dreamy. It’s a great time to nurture projects, giving new life to ones that need to be completed or further developing new ones that presented themselves.

Bearing Fruit: October 24 – 30
Aries will give the October 24th full moon, and emotions, a fiery feeling. Thoughts and emotions may feel deep and intense. Mercury moves into Scorpio on October 26th then its pre-retrograde shadow two days later. There may be a sense of connectedness with others, provided that we followed the guidance of scrutinizing every facet of our relationships.

Overall, the Universe is asking us to be aware of our thoughts and emotions regarding relationships. We are being asked to be honest about how we feel when we are with those we call friends, family and business partners. Do not burn bridges with those who are not in alignment with our new disposition; be sensitive to their state of mind and help them, if possible. But spend more time building bridges with those who are characteristically more aligned with our life purpose.

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Full Moon Energy Forecast for 24 September 2018

The full moon rises in sidereal Pisces on Monday, 24 September 2018 at 10:38 PM EST. The energy will be emotionally expansive, dreamy, and inspirational.

Full moons are like fruit ripening on a vine, ready to pick at the right moment when it’s the juiciest. This will affect wherever Pisces is in our natal chart. This energy will be felt as early as the evening of September 23 through early morning of September 27.

  1. On a deeper level, we may experience the following:
    More vivid dreams and visions, which are messages from our soul;
  2. Developing a stronger sense of emotions (as a spectrum from joy to depression) and discern yours from others;
  3. Becoming more intuitive on a claircognizant level, which is clear knowing.

Our sense of timing may improve. It may seem like we have cat-like abilities.

Pluto went retrograde on 22 April and goes Direct on Sunday, 30 September. We, as a collective, may have reflected on emotional attachments to the material world and how to live simpler, freer, easier. The full moon’s energy may give us the strength to recognize where our power and connect (not attach) to people, places and things in a healthy way.

If you want to work with the full moon’s energy, spend time doing nothing, even for five minutes, or meditate. Spend time outdoors, as the energy of nature cleans your aura and chakras. These are activities that can help you to go with the flow of where your soul wants you to be.


New Moon Energy Forecast for Sunday, 9 September 2018

There’s a lot of creative energy connected to the new moon in sidereal Leo on Sunday, 9 September 2018 at 1:58PM EST. On a personal level, we will feel impassioned and creative, therefore our vitality will increase.

The sun is still in Leo season as well, so we will feel like we’re bursting with creative energy or a need to share our passions.

Starting new creative projects is great for this time. Children are creative expressions of ourselves as well, so cravings to become pregnant or be around children may strengthen.

Retrograde is about turning inward, reconsidering aspects of our lives. There will be three outer planets, representing the collective consciousness, in retrograde during the new moon:

  • Uranus in Pisces – radical change in how we express our emotions
  • Neptune in Aquarius – inspired ideas that are unique to us individually that can be shared outwardly
  • Pluto in Sagittarius – eliminating what or who does not serve us through spiritual practices (meditation, yoga, chanting)

All inclinations are personal to us, yet we will find community that complements our decisions and creative expressions.

The new moon is a message to start anew with a connection between ourselves and the world. Start in a place that is true to our values and interests and allow that to nurture the world at-large.

The energy will slow down because of the moon’s void-of-course at 3:44PM EST. Sit down and relax. The moon will also move into sidereal Virgo at 11PM EST, encouraging us to either learn more about our passion projects, improve our lives and the lives of others. Go with the flow.

Full Moon Energy Forecast for August 26, 2018

The full moon rises on Sunday, 26 August at 9:26AM EST in sidereal Aquarius. It’s bringing us a plethora of emotional change on a personal, social, and collective level. The Universe is asking us to consider our motivations, from a heart-centers place, regarding our social circles where we live, online, and the world at large.

We need to expand on how we connect to others. If we are in a comfort zone about how we communicate with others then we are missing opportunities to connect with people that can (and will) expand our soul growth.

Every day this week leading up to the full moon provides opportunities to expand our minds, bodies, business plans and how we connect with others. There will be moments where we will need to dive deep into ourselves about who we are, what we are about, and how we present it.

We will be nudged hard by our Higher Self to improve our lives. Many of us procrastinate because of fear, waiting for the right time, place, people and opportunities to arrive. When we expand our minds and think B-I-G (with no obstacles in existence. Think vision board!) then our spirit family –guides, angels and loved ones– work behind the scenes to make our heart’s desires a reality.

On the flip side, there is our shadow. We have fear that manifests as food cravings (sugar, processed foods, incessant escapism) because we haven’t been doing the emotional and mental work to heal trauma. We repeat old behaviors, our businesses aren’t prosperous, and friends and family spit on our dreams.

Would we be 100% happy if nothing changed? If the answer is no then this is the time to take action. Every move –small or large– changes our lives.

Mother Earth is changing as well. She is expanding through the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that are occurring. She’s preparing us for massive shifts in beliefs, community, and survival. We can hold space for her, sending love, asking for guidance as she ushers in whatever has been bubbling for decades.

We are all connected. Our personal development affects our social, creating support systems that allows our souls to grow. Mother Earth is part of this. Step outside of your usual way of looking at yourself and the world.

The Universe is asking us to improve our lives so we live in more harmony with our values, passions and interests. It’s time to move — literally!



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Using Reiki for a Healthy Pregnancy

Article originally published on Zuri Sabir Doula Artistry

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on energy healing modality that calms the nervous systems so the body can naturally heal itself. Reiki can be incorporated into any pregnancy wellness program or birth plan. The results ensure a happy and healthy parent and child.

How Reiki Works
The central nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, optical nerves, digestive system, and nerve endings. In a reiki session, the reiki practitioner/master places his or her hands on the client’s head, over the eyes, on the arms and legs, and around the belly sending energy to the body. The energy relaxes the nervous system so the client can experience the following:

  • Calm mind;
  • Reduced stress;
  • Increased focus;
  • Stronger concentration;
  • Improved sleep;
  • Increased energy.

The mind and body heals naturally when the central nervous system is at peace. Reiki can be done in person or absentia. The client does not have to be present to gain the same benefits as the live sessions. The reiki practitioner/master focuses their energy on the client to deliver the same energy.

Reiki Healing and the Baby
Singing and talking to a baby during pregnancy helps with development and strengthens the emotional bond between parent and child. Receiving reiki during any trimester or while in labor creates a similar healthy bond. When the parent is calm and happy, so is the child. Some case studies have described babies as moving around less or falling asleep during reiki sessions.

Growing Trend
Reiki has become increasingly popular as doctors share stories about reiki given to patients during surgery, which accelerated healing. Reiki is now used in hospitals across the globe for check-ups, in emergency rooms, and during recovery. As a result, doulas, midwives, and nurses are integrating reiki in prenatal care.

A healthy pregnancy includes proper nutrition, exercise, and rest. Reiki can be included to increase the wellbeing of parent and child. It can also be given to co-parents, grandparents, and siblings so the entire family can be resting easy as they await the arrival of the baby.


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Healing Trauma with Reiki and Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a shamanic practice that heals energy the soul released (soul fragments) during a traumatic experience.

Trauma can occur from being yelled at, bullied, raped, molested, mugged, denied the right to speak, car accidents, difficult pregnancies and births, or forced to follow ideas not congruent with personal beliefs. The list is exhaustive.

Generational and ancestral trauma can accumulate in the mind and body, leading to challenges on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

  • Fear
  • Anxiety and doubt
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Addictive behaviors (food cravings, sex, escapism)
  • Illnesses
  • Diseases

Generational trauma is projected onto us by parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other elders in schools, hospitals, etc. Our ancestors, people who lived before our elders, may have experienced trauma and internalized it before projecting it onto family members.

Trauma from previous lives can affect your current life as well. Some people have issues with money and sex because they may have taken a vow of celibacy and poverty in a previous life. Many times it’s because they once lived as monks and nuns.

Soul retrieval locates soul fragments wherever they escaped ‘to be at peace’ and integrates the fragments back into the soul. Reiki heals the fragments after integration. Sometimes the fragments require reiki beforehand.

Healing does not end with soul retrieval. Self-care is required to continue and deepen the healing. Spirit guides provide messages based on what needs to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance. This takes time and patience.

Healing generational and ancestral trauma also heals those who projected the suffering, so this liberates communities in spirit and those who are still living.

The cycle of fear and disease can end with soul retrieval, reiki and self-care. Consider it for your wellbeing and the future.


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