Energy Forecast for May 21 – 28, 2018

Tuesday, May 21st is the first quarter moon, which marks the lunar energy calling for creative action. The week, May 21 – 28, has a 3 vibration. It is asking us to expand how we express ourselves. In tarot, 3 is represented by Navajo Goddess Estsanatlehi. She provides abundance in the material world.

The lunar energy will guide you to go within to receive messages from your Higher Self and spirit guides then take action to expand how you think about your values and how you express them. If you are a writer, artist or public speaker, this week will be critical for you. The universe is calling for you to share your values on a larger scale.

There may be a nudge to be creative in your efforts, not to be the center of attention but to share the unique aspect of your soul. You will be ‘compensated’ based on how much in alignment you are. Let go of outcomes, as the payments may appear in a variety of ways.

Universally, this will be a high-powered week. You may experience body aches; fear about money; anger towards family; frustration about home; or issues with personal safety. These are wounds asking for further healing. Journal to express what you think and feel about your suffering. Dance to move the energy around and out of your body. Listen to drumming to stimulate further healing.

The energy leading up to Friday, May 25 will be strong, moreso on that day because it is a day of change. Surrender to your Higher Self and trust that the Universe is shifting you to where you belong. This is all for the Greater Good. Fear will only set you back.

You will feel more healing energy by the end of the lunar quarter in preparation for the full moon on May 29th. Use this lunar quarter to reflect on what you value about the material world. Share with supportive friends and family what is important to you and call on Goddess Estsanatlehi to help you change your circumstances. If you maintain an altar, add nuts and seeds in her honor.

Ask Estsanatlehi and your Higher Self for guidance throughout the lunar quarter if you feel lost. Communication with both will help you maintain balance so you manifest all your needs.

Go Within for Love

There is strife in every corner of the land you call earth. This is because there is a lack of love. Love is missing in these places. There is a lack of love within the people who project fear. They are suffering deeply. They need your prayers and love to soften the exterior that harms their souls. Please pray for them.

Those of you watching the strife are entrenched in the suffering. You are good at keeping abreast of the turmoil, but you are adding fear into your minds and heart. You are drenched in the suffering. Ask how healthy it is to do so much harm to yourself. You can send help, money and prayers, but let go afterwards and turn inward.

Turn into your heart center and take care of yourself. You need to love yourself deeply and share that with those in your immediate communities, the ones in your homes and neighborhoods. Turn within and fill your minds and bodies with light, love, joy, happiness then project that and only that.

The strife will end when love is accepted. No external force will end it, as you know in your history. External forces only cause more karma to build. It becomes a vicious cycle. Use caution when you call on external forces within your communities. They too can become overrun with karma.

Take heed these coming days and stay within. Headaches, body stress, tiredness are signs of stagnation. Please release it by expanding your minds and bodies with joy. Laughter, going outdoors, and being creative are ways to expand this energy, to release it even. Go within, take part in what brings you joy more often.

Be well.

Archangel Mother Mary and Ascended Master Quan Yin

Connect with Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is upon you this week, as this new lunar month begin. Take the time to rejoice in what you gained in the previous lunar month and how it will expand in this current one. All is connected, and with awareness, you can build a structure to create life that is full of joy, happiness, and abundance.

Spend more time going within, more self-care. Amp it up. Do not be afraid to go overboard, but also do not neglect others in your care. Self-care is important for vitality. So many of you skip through this vital phase of life to run after others who do not care for themselves either. Make self-care center point to life. Teach it. Practice it. Live it.

Playfulness is vital as well. Serving others is hard on the mind and body; the spirit suffers as well. Taking life so seriously will cause you to break down and have dis-ease. It is not the way of a lightworker.

End this cycle of destruction. When you feel low, take time out to play. It is how I regained composure as a mother and healer. I have been in the same place as some of you. Take time to heal yourself so your family can feel your high vibration. This will help them cope with whatever ails them. It will dissipate anger, fear, and sadness.

Move slowly through your day, but keep your mind quick. If you work outside the home, spend time on projects that allow you to move slowly. Be patient with yourself all day and throughout the week.

Archangel Mother Mary

Care Deeply for Gaia

The earth is changing rapidly. Go within and access what is important to you in the material world. Your homes, yards, animals, and cars need re-evaluation. What is family? What is excessive? What are you willing to part with for good?

These coming days will beg you to reflect on your relationship with Mother Earth. Composting, recycling, re-purposing initiatives need to expand to protect the earth. These things prolong the growing of the soil, protect the water, clean the air, and allows more light to shine. These are the things that must change as the earth sheds its layers, revealing old ways to adopt into newer times.

Growing food in your yards will be equally as important. Decorative yards are beautiful aesthetically, but are useless when people have little access to organic food, which can be grown on your own. Stores will always offer you what you want, but you cut out the middle by doing a little on your own. We are not talking about farming, but contributing to creating less energy moving to and from spaces that take away time to be one with Gaia.

It’s time to re-connect to the earth. Play outdoors more, eat, rest, and create outside. Be one with the changes and flourish.

Archangel Michael & Archeia Faith with the Elementals

Go Inward to Thrive

Auspicious is a word that has been used a lot but not defined. When the angels and ascended masters say that is an auspicious day to laugh and play, they are saying that your abundance and prosperity are connected to your high vibration.

Being happy attracts what you need to thrive. If you are in need of love, however you define it, you will receive it to suit your needs. Be aware of your thoughts because those of you ascending into the fifth dimension are creating your reality at faster rates. Each thought is a seed of intention carrying volts of energy waiting to be manifested. If you say, “I am tired” you will create more tiredness. When you say, “I am happy” that multiplies as well.

People in the 3D world are creating more of the strife they are experiencing. They are under siege by the media”s messages. They are being assuaged into complacency. The only thing you can do is send love. Trying to ‘correct’ their behavior is detrimental for you both. Just walk away.

Solitude is best when you feel the urge to control a situation. Get out of the way of low vibrations, but send love from a healthy distance.

The energy people call ‘downloads’ are portals made by your own Higher Self. They are times when your Higher Self ‘attunes’ you to the 5D world. It is your free will to accept or deny the energy. Stagnation causes headaches, depression, body aches, digestion issues, and lethargy. When you feel any of these things you need to move your mind and body. Walking, yoga, dancing, anything that moves your body. Being creative moves the energy from your head. Paint, bake, journal, draw. Sing when your throat and ears trouble you. These activities will spread the energy whenever it is needed.

Think about what you are resisting. It is the very thing you need to do to heal. It may be an activity that you need to do for the day, perhaps several. Whichever it is will free you. Be free. Choose freedom over fear.


Energy Forecast for May 13 – 19, 2018

The universal vibration for this week is a 2, which is asking us to be balanced and receptive.

It is the beginning of a new lunar cycle on Tuesday, May 15, with the new moon in astronomical Taurus. This is a time to reflect on your relationships with yourself, friends, family, money, food, and other parts of the material world. We are being asked to establish healthy boundaries with them all.

The energy will be high all week, be we will feel a need to slow down to receive messages from our Higher Self. We will sense, at great lengths, when we are imbalanced.

This week is a reflection of the energy of the year, which also has a universal vibration of 2. This year is highly charged with the energy of the Divine Feminine. Emotions, intuition, creativity, and being receptive of abundance and prosperity are intrinsically linked.

The messages about going within are about quieting the mind to cultivate life from an intuitive space before taking action. In this vein, intuition and logic are in unison. Over-thinking is an imbalance, as is being conceptual and not taking steps to turn ideas into something tangible. Remember this as an undercurrent for the year and this week.

Stagnation is a sign of imbalance. Take time to rest then balance it with physical activity. Do the same mentally. Meditate and be engaged in something that expands your mind.

You may be presented with different paths during the week, on the day of the new moon and the end of the week. Make decisions from within when you are balanced. You have the wisdom from your lifelong experiences and connection to your Higher Self to do what is in alignment with your life purpose.

The Geography of Abundance

The weather is a reflection of your emotions and messages about how to move about your day.

Cold temperatures, regardless of season, slows life down to a crawl, yet many of you move like it’s a sunny day. Winter is a time to cuddle inside your own body and take things slowly, reserve your energy. Do as the trees and be still. Shed your leaves and go inward, prepare for spring, which is renewal.

Take your time unfurling your energy when the wheel turns. Seeds are warmed by the earth and given the go ahead to spring into action, but it is slow, melodic, bright. Use your energy to shake off the cold from your bones.

The heat of summer is for passion, creativity, and laughter. It’s red hot and alchemical. The energy burns like fire and can create anything you desire. If you had gone within during winter, the ideas came to you, and you knew to wait until spring to start cultivating them.

Being outdoors, regardless of the time of year, is important to take in Gaia’s energy into your cells. It recharges you and prepares you for your next steps.

Least we not forget autumn, the slowing down and celebrating of what was created. The harvest is wondrous when you plan according to Gaia’s rhythm.

Your life manifests quickly when your internal rhythm is in synch with Gaia. The Universe gives you what you need to move forward, but there is a chain of command. It starts inside your heart and flows outward like a river. You Attract with your intentions and vibration.

Some of you are not living in places where you will thrive. You are stuck because of fear. Take leaps of faith and go where the abundance and prosperity will flow evenly into your life. You receive messages constantly about where this is, but you reject it because of external distractions. Turn away from them and allow yourself to receive. Get in alignment with Gaia’s rhythm in the space where manifesting will be in alignment with your Highest good.

Gaia has been making changes but people are not budging. Please go within and shift to your new locales. Ask for guidance then take action. Move. You will be pleasantly rewarded. Take care of yourself. Observe Gaia’s rhythm and be one with the shift into the New World.

The Elementals