Fear Can Be Your Friend

There has been a lot of energy shifting in, near and around us this year. People have met with obstacles regarding money, relationships and life purpose with no relief in sight. Fear set in and manifested into anxiety, depression or addiction — or all three at once — causing more problems to arise.

Some of us are conscious enough to realize that these challenges are about being out of alignment with our soul. In this case, fear can be a friend. We can turn to fear, ask why it is in our lives, and why it has been around for so long. If this is taken seriously we will notice a pattern related to running away from new people, places and ideas that had entered our lives.

Step back and reflect on everything you said ‘no’ to and why. Look at who may have influenced your decision and why. Fear may have been projected onto you. That fear is not yours. Find ways to release it through practices like reiki, massage, journaling, or therapy.

Turn to people who are like-minded, and by this I mean sharing similar values, interests and goals for similar reasons. Connecting with others because they favor the color green is not like-minded. It lacks depth.

People write songs to express thoughts and emotions about relationships or social injustices to remove the weight from their heart’s and minds. Their energy is in alignment with each other than with someone that writes just to become famous. The Universe blesses both but in different ways. Prosperity and abundance flows differently for those who are heart-centered and humble.

Recognizing fear and acknowledging how long it has kept us in stasis will put us back in alignment and feeling confident. Remembering what we experienced can help others who are going through the same thing. Remember that you cannot force anyone to wake up. It could be detrimental to them emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is their journey; they need the lesson. You can only share your story about your past relationship with fear and how you broke up with it to be free.


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