Our Ancestors’ Blessings

The wheel of the year turns towards the Autumn equinox, or Mabon, September 21 – 23. According to the Gregorian calendar, Autumn starts precisely on Saturday, 22 at 9:54PM EST.

The leaves here in upstate New York started turning from emerald green to different shades of golden yellow, burnt orange and crimson red in July. Temperatures fluctuated between hot and cold as if Mother Earth was weighing her options. She chose to stick with hot mornings and afternoons and cool evenings.

Our ancestors from many lifetimes ago did not use the calendars we hold onto like lifelines. They lived by the lunar calendar, watching it wax and wane, and change positions during the night and the course of the year.

For many of us who live by the lunar calendar recognize the Autumn equinox as the beginning of the year. It’s a time to reflect on the past year and prepare for the upcoming one.

Autumn is the season to plant intentions so they bear fruit in the spring.

The moon will move into sidereal Pisces on September 23rd and stay there until September 26th. The overall energy will inspire us to be more intuitive, receptive, and heart-centered.

Our ancestors are blessing us this Autumn equinox with a bounty related to wherever Pisces is in your natal chart. Virgo is opposite of Pisces, so an ability will develop or something will improve. This is a blessing of abundance and prosperity that’s in alignment with your life purpose.

Connect with your ancestors, from this lifetime and previous lifetimes, through meditation and creative self-expression. You may also receive messages in dreams or through songs.

We have experienced a lot of changes in the last year. Much of it has been preparation for major changes on social, political, and geographical levels. Set an intention for the upcoming year and allow your ancestors to guide you for the Highest good.

So mote it be!


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