Full Moon Energy Forecast for 24 September 2018

The full moon rises in sidereal Pisces on Monday, 24 September 2018 at 10:38 PM EST. The energy will be emotionally expansive, dreamy, and inspirational.

Full moons are like fruit ripening on a vine, ready to pick at the right moment when it’s the juiciest. This will affect wherever Pisces is in our natal chart. This energy will be felt as early as the evening of September 23 through early morning of September 27.

  1. On a deeper level, we may experience the following:
    More vivid dreams and visions, which are messages from our soul;
  2. Developing a stronger sense of emotions (as a spectrum from joy to depression) and discern yours from others;
  3. Becoming more intuitive on a claircognizant level, which is clear knowing.

Our sense of timing may improve. It may seem like we have cat-like abilities.

Pluto went retrograde on 22 April and goes Direct on Sunday, 30 September. We, as a collective, may have reflected on emotional attachments to the material world and how to live simpler, freer, easier. The full moon’s energy may give us the strength to recognize where our power and connect (not attach) to people, places and things in a healthy way.

If you want to work with the full moon’s energy, spend time doing nothing, even for five minutes, or meditate. Spend time outdoors, as the energy of nature cleans your aura and chakras. These are activities that can help you to go with the flow of where your soul wants you to be.


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