New Moon Solar Eclipse Forecast for August 11, 2018

The new moon/ solar eclipse on Saturday, 11 August 2018 is full of fire, passion, and excitement. It is the end of the eclipse season, yet sheds light on where we can be more passionate, creative, and intuitive.

This energy is great for artists, hobbyists, people in romantic bonds, and those in alignment with their life purpose.

In numerology, the universal vibration is a three — self-expression. The Universe is asking us to share what’s on our hearts in a creative way, regardless of it being low or high vibrational. This is to get us to reflect on what thoughts and emotions come up, take responsibility for why we feel and think as we do, and be compassionate in our sharing.

The moon will be in sidereal Leo (ruled by the Sun) and the sun in sidereal Cancer (ruled by the moon). The conversations will be about vitality, emotional needs, intuition, and imagination. It will also be about home, family, solitude, and action. We will be moved to ask ourselves the following:

Are we taking care of ourselves first?
What and who gives us healthy pleasure?
Which people and communities nourish our souls?
Where in life can creativity be used more?
Are children’s emotional, mental and spiritual needs being met?

Cancer governs the breasts and pectoral muscles, esophagus, stomach, and womb. This corresponds with the throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras. Be aware of what you consume (food, drink, conversation), live in a loving and compassionate way, be courageous and discerning, and express emotions in a creative way.

The heart, spine and back are ruled by the sun. Be heart-healthy with diet, exercise, and posture. (Notice a pattern?) Kundalini energy runs along the spine. Standing tall allows the energy to flow evenly so our internal twin flame can unite.

The energy of this new moon/ solar eclipse is important for those of us who are highly sensitive and empathic. Eating healthy raises the vibration. Our electromagnetic field is connected to our hearts and surrounds the body in all directions. Use discernment about discomfort because it may not be yours. The stronger we are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually the more love radiates from our hearts. This is desperately needed in the world.

This will continue to be a hot summer with temperatures skyrocketing, so eating and drinking to stay cool and hydrated is essential. Stay indoors and create. Listen to your Higher Self and spirit guides then take action on the guidance. It will prepare us for the next six months.

Correction: 10 August 2018. The sun is in sidereal Cancer, not Pisces as first written.

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