Reconnect With Source

Dear children of earth,

It brings me joy to connect with you all today. The full moon brought lots of joy into the land for all to bask in. Glory to you all.

There is strife amongst you as well. People are dying internally, spiritually, because they are disconnected from Source, from their own Divinity. Go deep, go inward, and listen to the ever-loving inner voice that guides you gently towards things and people who nourish all that is within you now. Go forth and be well with new groups of people, new ideas, and new opportunities abound.

Abundance is your birthright always, as it always has been. Fear and suffering are notions of forgotten Divinity. You suffer because you have forgotten that you were born to be love, loving, and lovable. Rich in all ways.

Work with healers who can help you work with the shadows that lurk in your mind, dreams and actions. The shadows need to be acknowledged and integrated, loved…released. Be free. Be love. Be with Source.

I bid you peace.

Ascended Master Quan Yin


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