Numerology Forecast for July 2018

This year has been stressful for a lot of people because of the changing political, social, and geographical climate. Balance has been the underlying theme for the entire year, and it will continue until the end of December 2018. In June, the Universe asked us to reflect on our source of personal power. July is the reset button so that we are living fully aligned in that power.

July 2018 has a universal vibration of a 9. The collective will sense a symbolic death within themselves and with relationships. The Universe is doing a grand correction with our lives.

The full moon on June 27th brings healing and redemptive energy concerning our life purpose, asking us to deepen our relationship with the soul and not waver. Think of this time as a cleanse. The body and mind benefits from detoxing from refined sugar and flour, caffeine, and grease. The taste buds and behavior change and you feel great. This is how the energy can shape your life, if you allow it.

All of July is a rebirth in preparation for new beginnings. Decisions will accelerate soul growth, but it must be understood that being patient is key. You cannot rush your own process or anyone else in your life. The partial new moon solar eclipse in sidereal Gemini on July 12th (11:10PM EST) will shift us to reflect on how we communicate our emotions. The full moon lunar eclipse in sidereal Capricorn (3:37PM EST) will illuminate the collective about where in your life is necessary to slow down and take methodical steps.

Humanitarian efforts are the focus for July as well. The Universe is asking us to step up and connect to causes close to our hearts. We may be feeling this now. Everything is connected. You do not need to figure out how this all works. The more you detox your life the clearer everything will be.

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