Summer Solstice Energy Forecast

The summer solstice is bringing in large amounts of energy connected to all the chakras. Creative self-expression is vital at this time. Create from within from an emotional and intellectual perspective. The Universe is asking us to allow our hearts and minds act as one. Unity.

The moon is in sidereal Virgo; the sun in sidereal Gemini. Both signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of physical and intellectual communication. The universal vibration is a 2, which means receptivity. This vibration is represented by Goddess Sarasvati, who rules knowledge, music, art, and wisdom.

Internally, you may feel your Higher Self guiding you to master something that you are passionate about in order to share it with others. Become an expert in what you love. Be open to receiving messages from within and through synchronicities.

When it comes to sharing your feelings, it can be as simple as a conversation with a stranger. The information is meant to be passed along to create a lineage of knowledge. On the bigger scale, publishing your feelings in blogs and books, singing on the street corner, or hanging a photograph in your local café may be what you are called to do. Be open to the guidance.

Even if you do not consider yourself creative, there is a creative outlet for what you are feeling. Spend some time in solitude and ask for guidance.

Body movement is equally as important because you communicate through body language. Walking, yoga, dance and body work (massage, reflexology, etc.) will move stagnant energy around and out of your organs and limbs. Touch will be important. Reach out and hug someone, shake hands, give a pat on the back. This is creating community through physical emotions.

The summer, as a whole, is about creativity. Between now and mid September the Universe will introduce people, ideas and opportunities into the path that you feel the most passionate about. The Universe will support you completely.


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