Weekly Energy Forecast, June 6 – 12, 2018

The week of June 6 – 12 involves a lot of change, as this is the transformational phase of the current lunar cycle. The energy will feel intuitive in the beginning and move slowly into fiery then grounded before the new moon on June 13th.

Saturday, June 9 will involve energy shifts dealing with the third eye, so your vision (physical eyes) may change. Your dreams may seem more vivid, luminous even.

Tuesday, June 12 is a powerful day where the Universe will ask you to reflect and consider your values about your life, community and service to others. The impulse may lead you to communicate what you believe to usher in social change.

The moon is a marvelous gauge to follow in terms of your emotional response to the world. Stop and breathe when you are reading the news, listening to a friend or loved one converse, or when you are alone engaged in an activity. Notice how you are feeling, as that is an indication of the vibration of what you are receiving.

Be aware of the moon’s affect on your mood as well. It may feel like a battle, but it isn’t. Being in tuned to the moon stimulates your senses and increases your intuition. Stop and breathe and flow with the energy of least resistance.

There is great change upon us, especially in this year alone. You are here to inspire people, whether they be your family with whom you live or with those in your community. Some of you lightworkers are here to inspire larger groups on a global scale. Let the changes that you are feeling or resisting unfold as they should.

Engaging in meditation, yoga, pranayama, and journaling will help you center and be open to the messages from your Higher Self. The guidance is there to help you heal whatever fear you have and bring you closer to your heart’s desires.

Solitude will benefit you as well this week. Change for this lunar phase will allow you to shed your skin as a snake would, revealing something new and beautiful. Spend more time outdoors so that you are connected to Mother Earth and the flora and fauna neutralize your auric field of all low vibrations.


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