June 2018 Energy Forecast

June has the universal vibration of 8, which is the number of inner strength, personal power, and abundance. Inner strength will be highlighted the entire month because all of 2018 is calling for the conscious collective to maintain balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The number 8 is related to the solar plexus – courage, determination, and discernment. This represents inner strength. The universal energy that inundated us in May asked us to reflect on our values, reconsider them, and use our refined sense of self to build community. This rebirth is serving as a magnet. The May 29th full moon (10:55AM EST) was healing and redemptive concerning where the Universe wanted us to expand and be more imaginative about our life purpose.

June is the month to stand strong in our convictions and maintain healthy boundaries with food, money, home, friends, and family. Our inner strength will attract a mirror image of what we project. In other words, our commitment to self-care creates a vibration and attracts people and opportunities that match what we put out into the Universe. Healthy lifestyle = more abundance and prosperity.

Balance the fire of June by grounding energy (dancing, going for walks) and doing breath meditation. Try EFT Tapping when feeling anxious about taking leaps of faith.

The number 8 is associated with fire, so June’s energy will be filled with passion, creativity, and action. This will pick up around June 21st, the summer solstice, which is the time of creativity. All the work we put into our life purpose during May and the earlier part of June will provide opportunities to co-create with our new community.

June will feel like a music festival, alive with joy, freedom and high vibrations, provided that we cultivate our inner strength. Our Higher Self will guide us towards ideas, people and opportunities that are for our greatest good.


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