Energy Forecast for May 21 – 28, 2018

Tuesday, May 21st is the first quarter moon, which marks the lunar energy calling for creative action. The week, May 21 – 28, has a 3 vibration. It is asking us to expand how we express ourselves. In tarot, 3 is represented by Navajo Goddess Estsanatlehi. She provides abundance in the material world.

The lunar energy will guide you to go within to receive messages from your Higher Self and spirit guides then take action to expand how you think about your values and how you express them. If you are a writer, artist or public speaker, this week will be critical for you. The universe is calling for you to share your values on a larger scale.

There may be a nudge to be creative in your efforts, not to be the center of attention but to share the unique aspect of your soul. You will be ‘compensated’ based on how much in alignment you are. Let go of outcomes, as the payments may appear in a variety of ways.

Universally, this will be a high-powered week. You may experience body aches; fear about money; anger towards family; frustration about home; or issues with personal safety. These are wounds asking for further healing. Journal to express what you think and feel about your suffering. Dance to move the energy around and out of your body. Listen to drumming to stimulate further healing.

The energy leading up to Friday, May 25 will be strong, moreso on that day because it is a day of change. Surrender to your Higher Self and trust that the Universe is shifting you to where you belong. This is all for the Greater Good. Fear will only set you back.

You will feel more healing energy by the end of the lunar quarter in preparation for the full moon on May 29th. Use this lunar quarter to reflect on what you value about the material world. Share with supportive friends and family what is important to you and call on Goddess Estsanatlehi to help you change your circumstances. If you maintain an altar, add nuts and seeds in her honor.

Ask Estsanatlehi and your Higher Self for guidance throughout the lunar quarter if you feel lost. Communication with both will help you maintain balance so you manifest all your needs.

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