Connect with Your Feminine Energy

Feminine energy is upon you this week, as this new lunar month begin. Take the time to rejoice in what you gained in the previous lunar month and how it will expand in this current one. All is connected, and with awareness, you can build a structure to create life that is full of joy, happiness, and abundance.

Spend more time going within, more self-care. Amp it up. Do not be afraid to go overboard, but also do not neglect others in your care. Self-care is important for vitality. So many of you skip through this vital phase of life to run after others who do not care for themselves either. Make self-care center point to life. Teach it. Practice it. Live it.

Playfulness is vital as well. Serving others is hard on the mind and body; the spirit suffers as well. Taking life so seriously will cause you to break down and have dis-ease. It is not the way of a lightworker.

End this cycle of destruction. When you feel low, take time out to play. It is how I regained composure as a mother and healer. I have been in the same place as some of you. Take time to heal yourself so your family can feel your high vibration. This will help them cope with whatever ails them. It will dissipate anger, fear, and sadness.

Move slowly through your day, but keep your mind quick. If you work outside the home, spend time on projects that allow you to move slowly. Be patient with yourself all day and throughout the week.

Archangel Mother Mary

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