Care Deeply for Gaia

The earth is changing rapidly. Go within and access what is important to you in the material world. Your homes, yards, animals, and cars need re-evaluation. What is family? What is excessive? What are you willing to part with for good?

These coming days will beg you to reflect on your relationship with Mother Earth. Composting, recycling, re-purposing initiatives need to expand to protect the earth. These things prolong the growing of the soil, protect the water, clean the air, and allows more light to shine. These are the things that must change as the earth sheds its layers, revealing old ways to adopt into newer times.

Growing food in your yards will be equally as important. Decorative yards are beautiful aesthetically, but are useless when people have little access to organic food, which can be grown on your own. Stores will always offer you what you want, but you cut out the middle by doing a little on your own. We are not talking about farming, but contributing to creating less energy moving to and from spaces that take away time to be one with Gaia.

It’s time to re-connect to the earth. Play outdoors more, eat, rest, and create outside. Be one with the changes and flourish.

Archangel Michael & Archeia Faith with the Elementals

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