Go Inward to Thrive

Auspicious is a word that has been used a lot but not defined. When the angels and ascended masters say that is an auspicious day to laugh and play, they are saying that your abundance and prosperity are connected to your high vibration.

Being happy attracts what you need to thrive. If you are in need of love, however you define it, you will receive it to suit your needs. Be aware of your thoughts because those of you ascending into the fifth dimension are creating your reality at faster rates. Each thought is a seed of intention carrying volts of energy waiting to be manifested. If you say, “I am tired” you will create more tiredness. When you say, “I am happy” that multiplies as well.

People in the 3D world are creating more of the strife they are experiencing. They are under siege by the media”s messages. They are being assuaged into complacency. The only thing you can do is send love. Trying to ‘correct’ their behavior is detrimental for you both. Just walk away.

Solitude is best when you feel the urge to control a situation. Get out of the way of low vibrations, but send love from a healthy distance.

The energy people call ‘downloads’ are portals made by your own Higher Self. They are times when your Higher Self ‘attunes’ you to the 5D world. It is your free will to accept or deny the energy. Stagnation causes headaches, depression, body aches, digestion issues, and lethargy. When you feel any of these things you need to move your mind and body. Walking, yoga, dancing, anything that moves your body. Being creative moves the energy from your head. Paint, bake, journal, draw. Sing when your throat and ears trouble you. These activities will spread the energy whenever it is needed.

Think about what you are resisting. It is the very thing you need to do to heal. It may be an activity that you need to do for the day, perhaps several. Whichever it is will free you. Be free. Choose freedom over fear.


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