Full Moon Energy Forecast for August 26, 2018

The full moon rises on Sunday, 26 August at 9:26AM EST in sidereal Aquarius. It’s bringing us a plethora of emotional change on a personal, social, and collective level. The Universe is asking us to consider our motivations, from a heart-centers place, regarding our social circles where we live, online, and the world at large.

We need to expand on how we connect to others. If we are in a comfort zone about how we communicate with others then we are missing opportunities to connect with people that can (and will) expand our soul growth.

Every day this week leading up to the full moon provides opportunities to expand our minds, bodies, business plans and how we connect with others. There will be moments where we will need to dive deep into ourselves about who we are, what we are about, and how we present it.

We will be nudged hard by our Higher Self to improve our lives. Many of us procrastinate because of fear, waiting for the right time, place, people and opportunities to arrive. When we expand our minds and think B-I-G (with no obstacles in existence. Think vision board!) then our spirit family –guides, angels and loved ones– work behind the scenes to make our heart’s desires a reality.

On the flip side, there is our shadow. We have fear that manifests as food cravings (sugar, processed foods, incessant escapism) because we haven’t been doing the emotional and mental work to heal trauma. We repeat old behaviors, our businesses aren’t prosperous, and friends and family spit on our dreams.

Would we be 100% happy if nothing changed? If the answer is no then this is the time to take action. Every move –small or large– changes our lives.

Mother Earth is changing as well. She is expanding through the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that are occurring. She’s preparing us for massive shifts in beliefs, community, and survival. We can hold space for her, sending love, asking for guidance as she ushers in whatever has been bubbling for decades.

We are all connected. Our personal development affects our social, creating support systems that allows our souls to grow. Mother Earth is part of this. Step outside of your usual way of looking at yourself and the world.

The Universe is asking us to improve our lives so we live in more harmony with our values, passions and interests. It’s time to move — literally!

Using Reiki for a Healthy Pregnancy

Article originally published on Zuri Sabir Doula Artistry

Reiki is a gentle, hands-on energy healing modality that calms the nervous systems so the body can naturally heal itself. Reiki can be incorporated into any pregnancy wellness program or birth plan. The results ensure a happy and healthy parent and child.

How Reiki Works
The central nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord, optical nerves, digestive system, and nerve endings. In a reiki session, the reiki practitioner/master places his or her hands on the client’s head, over the eyes, on the arms and legs, and around the belly sending energy to the body. The energy relaxes the nervous system so the client can experience the following:

  • Calm mind;
  • Reduced stress;
  • Increased focus;
  • Stronger concentration;
  • Improved sleep;
  • Increased energy.

The mind and body heals naturally when the central nervous system is at peace. Reiki can be done in person or absentia. The client does not have to be present to gain the same benefits as the live sessions. The reiki practitioner/master focuses their energy on the client to deliver the same energy.

Reiki Healing and the Baby
Singing and talking to a baby during pregnancy helps with development and strengthens the emotional bond between parent and child. Receiving reiki during any trimester or while in labor creates a similar healthy bond. When the parent is calm and happy, so is the child. Some case studies have described babies as moving around less or falling asleep during reiki sessions.

Growing Trend
Reiki has become increasingly popular as doctors share stories about reiki given to patients during surgery, which accelerated healing. Reiki is now used in hospitals across the globe for check-ups, in emergency rooms, and during recovery. As a result, doulas, midwives, and nurses are integrating reiki in prenatal care.

A healthy pregnancy includes proper nutrition, exercise, and rest. Reiki can be included to increase the wellbeing of parent and child. It can also be given to co-parents, grandparents, and siblings so the entire family can be resting easy as they await the arrival of the baby.


Healing Trauma with Reiki and Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is a shamanic practice that heals energy the soul released (soul fragments) during a traumatic experience.

Trauma can occur from being yelled at, bullied, raped, molested, mugged, denied the right to speak, car accidents, difficult pregnancies and births, or forced to follow ideas not congruent with personal beliefs. The list is exhaustive.

Generational and ancestral trauma can accumulate in the mind and body, leading to challenges on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

  • Fear
  • Anxiety and doubt
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Addictive behaviors (food cravings, sex, escapism)
  • Illnesses
  • Diseases

Generational trauma is projected onto us by parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other elders in schools, hospitals, etc. Our ancestors, people who lived before our elders, may have experienced trauma and internalized it before projecting it onto family members.

Trauma from previous lives can affect your current life as well. Some people have issues with money and sex because they may have taken a vow of celibacy and poverty in a previous life. Many times it’s because they once lived as monks and nuns.

Soul retrieval locates soul fragments wherever they escaped ‘to be at peace’ and integrates the fragments back into the soul. Reiki heals the fragments after integration. Sometimes the fragments require reiki beforehand.

Healing does not end with soul retrieval. Self-care is required to continue and deepen the healing. Spirit guides provide messages based on what needs to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance. This takes time and patience.

Healing generational and ancestral trauma also heals those who projected the suffering, so this liberates communities in spirit and those who are still living.

The cycle of fear and disease can end with soul retrieval, reiki and self-care. Consider it for your wellbeing and the future.

7 Reasons to Become a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki practitioners offer energy healing sessions to help clients balance mind and body. The energy may last several hours or days. Becoming your own reiki practitioner is a way of accessing reiki every day. Here are seven reasons to become your own reiki practitioner.

1. Heal Yourself
The reiki attunement connects you directly to reiki energy for your own use. It clears your major and minor chakras, aura, and heals organs on a cellular level. Through daily usage, reiki will remove energy blocks on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

2. Align with Your Higher Self
The tiny loving voice that guides you becomes clearer and stronger. When in alignment with your Higher Self you discover your soul’s mission and life purpose, therefore removing clutter that holds you back from living happy and healthy.

3. Develop Your Spiritual Abilities
Receive messages from your Higher Self about people, places, and things that support your spiritual and personal development. You’ll get warnings as well about who and what is not congruent with your life. Messages will come as

  • Claircognizance ‘clear knowing’ as thoughts
  • Clairvoyance ‘clear seeing’ in visions and dreams
  • Clairaudience ‘clear hearing’ songs and whispers inside your mind and/or externally
  • Clairsentience ‘clear feeling’ of sensations on the skin or inside the body

4. Communicate with Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels
Get to know the spirit family that you chose before you incarnated into physical form. Receive guidance about life on a human level (from guides, as they once lived as humans) and ways of maintaining balance.

5. Create Healthier Boundaries
You will become more sensitive to energy changes in others, so you’ll know when, or if, and how to engage with them to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

6. Heal Plants and Animals
Plants and animals love reiki energy. Cats and dogs become more relaxed when you are giving yourself reiki. They love it more when you give them reiki. Seeds and plants grow stronger, faster and healthier.

7. Heal Your Community
Reiki is always part of your life (and energy field) and raises your vibration. You affect people indirectly when in casual settings. Your high vibration will change a person’s mood, which they can then pass on to others.

Consider becoming your own reiki practitioner to change your life and affect the energy around your home and community.

Enroll in a local reiki level one weekend course or take a self-paced online reiki course.


New Moon Solar Eclipse Forecast for August 11, 2018

The new moon/ solar eclipse on Saturday, 11 August 2018 is full of fire, passion, and excitement. It is the end of the eclipse season, yet sheds light on where we can be more passionate, creative, and intuitive.

This energy is great for artists, hobbyists, people in romantic bonds, and those in alignment with their life purpose.

In numerology, the universal vibration is a three — self-expression. The Universe is asking us to share what’s on our hearts in a creative way, regardless of it being low or high vibrational. This is to get us to reflect on what thoughts and emotions come up, take responsibility for why we feel and think as we do, and be compassionate in our sharing.

The moon will be in sidereal Leo (ruled by the Sun) and the sun in sidereal Cancer (ruled by the moon). The conversations will be about vitality, emotional needs, intuition, and imagination. It will also be about home, family, solitude, and action. We will be moved to ask ourselves the following:

Are we taking care of ourselves first?
What and who gives us healthy pleasure?
Which people and communities nourish our souls?
Where in life can creativity be used more?
Are children’s emotional, mental and spiritual needs being met?

Cancer governs the breasts and pectoral muscles, esophagus, stomach, and womb. This corresponds with the throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras. Be aware of what you consume (food, drink, conversation), live in a loving and compassionate way, be courageous and discerning, and express emotions in a creative way.

The heart, spine and back are ruled by the sun. Be heart-healthy with diet, exercise, and posture. (Notice a pattern?) Kundalini energy runs along the spine. Standing tall allows the energy to flow evenly so our internal twin flame can unite.

The energy of this new moon/ solar eclipse is important for those of us who are highly sensitive and empathic. Eating healthy raises the vibration. Our electromagnetic field is connected to our hearts and surrounds the body in all directions. Use discernment about discomfort because it may not be yours. The stronger we are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually the more love radiates from our hearts. This is desperately needed in the world.

This will continue to be a hot summer with temperatures skyrocketing, so eating and drinking to stay cool and hydrated is essential. Stay indoors and create. Listen to your Higher Self and spirit guides then take action on the guidance. It will prepare us for the next six months.

Correction: 10 August 2018. The sun is in sidereal Cancer, not Pisces as first written.

Numerology Forecast for August 2018

August has mercurial energy – magick, miracles, and unexpected occurrences. The universal vibration is a 1, which means new beginnings for people who feel more confident about being leaders. Magickal things happen wherever they direct their attention.

Not all leaders need to take office or be highly public. Leadership can occur in the home, community garden, or with a project. The point is for them to stand tall and allow themselves to be visible, vulnerable, and available. As Diana Ross sings in I’m Coming Out, The time has come for me to break out of the shell. I have to shout that I’m coming out. 

Too many people have been playing small, afraid to leave their comfort zone. The eclipse season earlier this year in January and February rattled and shook us to our cores. The eclipse season that we are currently in is completing the cycle. Fighting the flow of what our souls want for us causes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance.

Leaders may experience fear, but they look at it as a teachable moment for themselves and others. They have creative ways of working through challenges, turning darkness into light.

One the flip side, some people will use mercurial energy to sully life by controlling others and manipulating situations. Karma is receiving based on what you give. When a seed is planted in clean fertile soil it will take root, bud, blossom then bare fruit. Often times the fruit will drop, compost, and the seeds will regenerate another plant. Low vibrational people regenerate suffering. It only ends when they become aware of their actions and care enough to change.

Work with the 1 energy by doing the following:

  • Be aware of thoughts and emotions when alone, with others, and when doing tasks;
  • Remember that we are all energy; thoughts and emotions can be sensed by others. Our energy is like karma — it bears fruit. Choose to spend time with those who are supportive of you and your endeavors. This raises your vibration, as well as theirs. New ideas come up and opportunities will occur;
  • Visualize, say, or think about your heart’s desires as you really want it. Practice seeing/ saying/thinking the steps towards the goal, if you are a ‘big picture’ person;
  • Repeat twice a day: once after waking and the second before going to bed;
  • TRUST that you will receive;
  • Be aware that your life may change dramatically because of what you desire. This is the Universe clearing away what you do not need in order to succeed.

This can be applied for any month, but August is ripe with possibilities. The energy is there if you are open to working with it.

Being a leader is also about taking risks, being aware of people’s strengths and challenges, meeting people where they are, and having multiple ways of inspiring change. Step into your power and create new beginnings.

Reconnect With Source

Dear children of earth,

It brings me joy to connect with you all today. The full moon brought lots of joy into the land for all to bask in. Glory to you all.

There is strife amongst you as well. People are dying internally, spiritually, because they are disconnected from Source, from their own Divinity. Go deep, go inward, and listen to the ever-loving inner voice that guides you gently towards things and people who nourish all that is within you now. Go forth and be well with new groups of people, new ideas, and new opportunities abound.

Abundance is your birthright always, as it always has been. Fear and suffering are notions of forgotten Divinity. You suffer because you have forgotten that you were born to be love, loving, and lovable. Rich in all ways.

Work with healers who can help you work with the shadows that lurk in your mind, dreams and actions. The shadows need to be acknowledged and integrated, loved…released. Be free. Be love. Be with Source.

I bid you peace.

Ascended Master Quan Yin